The Callao theaters have always been one of my favorite spots in Madrid not only to assist them where not only watch a movie if you’re in a theater where the film is enhanced , the seats are old, smell history.

But also because I had a meeting with my friends when I was younger .

According to Wikipedia, the Callao Cinema is a building located in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao , first designed by architect Luis Gutiérrez Soto you build in the year 1926.1 It is next to the building Carrion separated therefrom by Jacometrezo Street . The building opened as a cinema on 11 December 1926emitiendo film : Luis Candelas , the Madrid bandit .

The building has a certain taste trends neobarroco academicians Spanish , and interior decoration suggestions Viennese Art Deco . Initially had a capacity for fifteen hundred people . Its terrace is designed to provide outdoor cinema sessions . The basement of the building is thought to host a Cabaret Café or even subsequently adapted to the old disco Xenon .

The June 13, 1929 This film was screened at the first sound film was released in Spain and spoken , its title: The Jazz Singer ( The jazz singer) .


Cine callao

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It is in this square in central London , Trafalgar Square, one of the most popular places in the world where commemorates the victory of the Battle of Trafalgar. In the center is the colummna of Nelson, Corinthian and 46 meters high , topped by a statue of Admiral and flanked at the base by four bronze lions ( supposedly metal from one of the French guns defeated in battle ) and surrounded by beautiful fountains .

The architect who began the plaza project commissioned by George IV was John Nash , whose most important work is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton , on England’s south coast , but the current architecture is the work of Sir Charles Barry , who by the way is not it funny that the column was placed there .

North of the square is the National Gallery , the main gallery in London and whose entrance is free , to the east is the Anglican Church DEST Martin -in – the- Fields, with archaeological remains dating from the year 410, and the Strand , street more than a kilometer in length, to the south is Whitehall , another major street leading to Parliament Square .

Trafalgar Square is often used for social occasions such as New Year celebration , Christmas ceremony with a spruce over 20 meters high, Norwegian government’s annual gift in appreciation for the support received during the Second World War, political demonstrations and sporting events , in the southeast corner of Trafalgar Square , a small cement cabin built in 1926 and served as a police station where an officer equipped with a phone line connected to Scotland Yard if you need reinforcements , watched the demonstrators used , and then , go to the square to protest .

Every year on the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21 , is held a parade in honor of Admiral Lord Nelson and the British victory against the Franco- Spanish fleet off the coast of Cadiz.

Until about five years ago it was very common to see the pigeons square packed with both tourists and Londoners feeding these animals , but due to their droppings damage inflicted on the monuments , this practice was banned in 2003.

Besides the statue of Admiral , there are other few scattered around the square, as George IV and James II and George Whasinton ( which curiously is placed on soil imported from the United States , as the president vowed never to set foot British field ) .

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The temple, originally from ancient Egypt and 2,200 years old, was a gift from Egypt to Spain for their help in the rescue of the temples of Nubia.

It is located west of the Plaza of Spain, next to West Park, is a must that hides Madrid.

Thanks to international aid Egypt managed to save, among others, the Temple of Abu Simbel temple that would otherwise have been buried in the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

Debod Temple was inaugurated on July 20, 1972 after two years of reconstruction. It was a complicated process because, besides not having good plans, in dismantling and transporting some stones were lost.

During the first decades in Madrid the temple was not all due care and even the area was deemed unsafe. Currently, the council is doing everything possible to get the better preservation of the temple and enhance security of Mountain Park.

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Author: Bramante Donato D’Amgelo
Date: 1502
Location: Rome

It is a very small temple belonging to the Spanish Franciscans in Rome. The work was supported Catholic Monarchs, Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.

The building has a commemorative purpose, intended to exalt the figure of St. Peter Roman Pontiff.

The circular building is the figure that evokes the divine reality of the cosmos (The Creation) and conceptual expression “Sacred” and represented Plato’s ideal city.

The architecture tends to characterize the trend of removing redundancies and decorative and also finding a monumentality that is based on simplicity and harmony; essence of architecture of ancient Rome depicted in works such as the Colosseum and the theater Marcelo , and which is also based on architectural theory of S. XV by Alberti.

Bramante recreated a ancient circular temple (Tholos), like that of Vesta in Rome, both in form and in function: with small interior dimensions which houses the altar.

The wall of the Cella has a height greater than the colonnade, so that the 2nd floor acts as drum ½ dome covering the building area.

It is characterized by the expression of the proportion and harmony, with the use of classic and clean lines.

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The Grande Arche hollow cube has 35 floors.

Hypercube is a nearly perfect, with 108 meters wide, 110 meters high and 112 meters deep.

The highest part contains a conference room, museum exhibitions and


The project was developed by architect Otto Von Spreckelsen, who died before the presentation and inauguration of the arc in 1989


El arco de la defensa

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Today we present a list of the world’s highest edifcios detailing the heights and differences.

The higher the tai pei, followed by petronas towers, burj al arab, Ntt docomo, Al Faisaliah, Turning, 30 St Mary Axe


Los edificios mas altos del mundo

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It’s a must-see if you travel to the country Nipon, visible from many parts of Japan, I remember seeing it the first time since the bullet train from tokyo to kyoto.

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is a perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone. This national symbol has been immortalized, among others, for the “36 Views of Mount Fuji” series of images of Hokusai. At its core lies a region of lakes, plateaus, waterfalls and caves, offering beautiful natural landscapes. Near Tokyo, the Five Lakes region is a popular summer resort. Also, climb to the top of Mount Fuji (Fuji-san in Japanese) is the dream of many Japanese. Ideally, view the sunrise from the top of the mountain. But beware, the mount is only “open” from July 1 to August 28.

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Mies Van der  Roeh, designed the German Pavilion, for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona.
The building is on a podium covered with travertine, next to a small pool. The building’s roof is flat and is supported by eight steel pillars that look as a cross.

Between the pillars there are polished marble screens and large crystals that give the impression of lightness and brightness.
The interior space is well defined without walls. Two courtyards, each with a pond framed pavilion.

This building is delivered to the space, is pure and precise. A mostly empty space, conceived as a set of drawings that based its expressive power in the clearness of space, quality and diversity of the materials and their relation to a crystalline environment featuring by two ponds.
The diversity and richness of the materials, marble, travertine, water with glass and steel are an image and relationship between nature and industry insight.
After the exhibition, the building was rebuilt in the same place in 1981 at the initiative of the City of Barcelona. Today is  the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation.

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This original Shoe House is located in Hallam, Pennsylvania, and was built in 1948 by a shoe´s salesman Colonel Mahlon M. Haines.
Not only the house is shaped like a shoe, but each window has pictures of shoes in their colorful glass.
The house has a wooden frame covered with wire mesh and then topped with a layer of cement. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room, divided into five different levels.

It is a museum now, but time ago it was used as accommodation for curious visitors wishing to spend a fun weekend with their families.

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Mobius Temple is an interesting and mathematic building which is located in Taichang, China, and it takes shape of a Mobius ring, reflecting the basic principles of Buddhism and the idea of reincarnation.

With the aid of digital design, the spatial logic of the building is rooted in the idea of “formlessness”, which is the essence of Buddhism’s Sutra.

The architecture is interpreted as a path, connecting the beginning with the end.

Mobius ring is used as the metaphor of reincarnation in this design, the inner surface and outer surface meets in the same point seamlessly, circulates and revolves through the space dynamic and varying.

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